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Lord of the Flies Fanvid

Yay, I'm finally done! Well, actually, I was done awhile ago but I totally forgot to post it here ;3;

Title: You're Gonna Go Far Kid [Lord of the Flies]
Artist: The Offspring
Summary: I simply loved this book so much! The story, the characters, the moral, everything! It was so haunting, and I don't think I've ever read a book so far that made me feel so queasy, sick and emotional as LOTF. It was fun to make, this vid, though a bit complicated when finding the right clips...

Anyways, both movies were really amazing. I watched them both and loved them both in their own ways. The 1963 one was traditional and close to the story which made it easy for me to find clips of it to fit the lyrics. The 1990 was exciting and unique which made it hard to find clips but fun to re-watch scenes (I laugh every time Jack swears XD).

Extra: I go on to explain in the Description of my video how the lyrics match with the clips!
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