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Lord Of The Flies' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Lord Of The Flies

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Because Slogan Generators are fun. [03 Jun 2011|06:28pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I decided to play around with them Slogan Generators again and well...these are the results.

Tell Them About The Jack, Mummy.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator. Get more Jack slogans.

[The scary stories survivors of the island tell their kids.]

There's More Than One Way To Eat A Ralph.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator. Get more Ralph slogans.

[<insert disturbing fan girl giggle here>]

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Fic: Just Another Night (one-shot) [21 Mar 2011|06:07pm]

Title: Just Another Night
Rating: G
Characters/Couples: Jack/Ralph
Summary: A stolen moment between Jack and Ralph while they were on the island.
Word Count: 365

(Just Another Night)
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n00b all up in hurr. [06 Mar 2011|01:17am]

Hello, everyone. I joined this community a minute ago. :D

I had read Lord of the Flies while at my aunt's beach house about two years ago and didn't like it very much--probably because I was ill and had no one with which to discuss the book. Just recently, I read Lord of the Flies in my Survey of World Literature class. With being older and having detailed discussions of the many symbols the book contained, I ended up loving it.

I have a few thoughts for fanfiction in the future, so be ready for that. They will probably end up consisting of smut, so sorry if that's not your cup of tea, but don't say I didn't warn you. :3
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Lord of the Flies Fanvid [29 Jan 2011|03:16pm]

Yay, I'm finally done! Well, actually, I was done awhile ago but I totally forgot to post it here ;3;

Title: You're Gonna Go Far Kid [Lord of the Flies]
Artist: The Offspring
Summary: I simply loved this book so much! The story, the characters, the moral, everything! It was so haunting, and I don't think I've ever read a book so far that made me feel so queasy, sick and emotional as LOTF. It was fun to make, this vid, though a bit complicated when finding the right clips...

Anyways, both movies were really amazing. I watched them both and loved them both in their own ways. The 1963 one was traditional and close to the story which made it easy for me to find clips of it to fit the lyrics. The 1990 was exciting and unique which made it hard to find clips but fun to re-watch scenes (I laugh every time Jack swears XD).

Extra: I go on to explain in the Description of my video how the lyrics match with the clips!

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Fic: Guilt [27 Jun 2010|09:31pm]

Fandom: Lord of the Flies
Title: Guilt
Characters: Ralph, Simon, brief mentions of others
Summary: When left alone for too long, the mind begins to wander in dangerous directions.
Warnings: Thoughts of suicide, spoilers for the book
Word Count: 687
Disclaimer: The characters and plot of 'Lord of the Flies' belong to William Golding. The sentences in italics contained in the brackets are extracts from the novel and in no way belong to me.

GuiltCollapse )
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1.Adaption for the stage || 2.LotF discussion? [16 Apr 2010|11:49pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Any Norwegian people here? No? Didn't think so.

Anyway I just saw a theatre adaption of LotF today at the Norwegian national theatre and I thought I'd post a couple pics. :D
It was adapted by Nigel Williams, so I think it's originally British/American, has anyone seen it by any chance? If so, what'd you think?

The woman playing Ralph with the torch, Jack in the background.

--A couple more--Collapse )

All the parts were played by women, which actually worked, they were really good. I think the adaptation could have been better though.

ALSO: would anyone be interested in discussion? Or, I dunno, roleplay or something?
I think this community is pretty dead, but I've sorta wanted to discuss the book with someone. :)

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Yo! [11 Jan 2010|05:07pm]


First post in this community!

I loved LOTF~! It was a great book with great symbolism and fun characters! I've been meaning to make some fan videos with the clips from both movie versions soon so I will post them here later! I like the moral of the story a lot and see it as an obvious truth that some people don't really believe in (that society actually does help us :) )

My faves were Simon, Piggy, Ralph and Jack (though sometimes I really hated Jack :p). All four represent different aspects of humans and nature which is pretty awesome.

I'll just admit that I do slash Jack and Ralph but not too much that it takes over my real love for LOTF.
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Hey guys! :) [29 Nov 2009|06:31pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

This is my first post here, and I made an icon just for the occasion! :D So I read Lord of the Flies last month in my English class (that seems to be everyone's story), and I loved it. The writing is great, the story is interesting, the symbolism is incredible (I could probably write a book on LotF symbolism), and the slash is SO OBVIOUS. (haha, yes, I am one of those fans. In case my icon hadn't tipped you off.)

But... apparently slash isn't allowed in this community? :( What? Such a shame! So, I was wondering, if I made a community for LotF slash, would anyone join it? Would anyone post? LotF needs a solid fandom, dammit!

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Let the Mind Games Begin [05 Sep 2009|04:41pm]

116 Icons

[30] Daniel Radcliffe (Photoshoot)
[30] Romeo + Juliet (1996)
[26] Lord of the Flies (1990)
[20] Simon Baker (Photoshoots, The Mentalist, etc)
[10] Remember the Titans

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Rest here at my livejournal
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Any Brits here? [27 Jan 2009|01:06pm]


Browsing around the net for images, I found this:


If there are any British members in this comm, have you seen this show?
Personally I was very scared.

Also, introducing myself properly. I'm 16 and from Norway and I've adored the book for about a year now. Like everyone else we read it in school and wrote essays on it. Never had so much fun with an essay in my life. :D

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fanmix. [24 Aug 2008|04:52pm]


WOW. this place seems a bit dead. :( in short, i just became a lord of the flies fan this summer, and i don't know why i didn't read it earlier. saw both the movies, and while i think the first one follows the dialogue and plot best, the most recent version seems like the acting's a lot better. and despite his lack of red hair, the jack in the 90's version seems more fierce and in your face than the other one did. PLUS, LITTLE BALTHAZAR GETTY! :D *is a brothers and sisters fan*

recently i've been reading a lot of fanfiction on lotf. and i plan to write one myself. but for now i've made a fanmix. without, links, i'm sorry, my computer's a bit uncooperative. but airmp3.net has most of these songs for you to put on your ipods/mp3 players!

most of these songs are jack-centric, though some are intended to be seen in ralph's point of view. mainly about jack. and there is one song, "tainted love" which i didn't intend for slash, but now i sort of wonder if many people will take it that way.

and excuse the artwork, i did it all in paint! i had a lot more pictures on the previous copies but they weren't exactly hq and there's not a lot you can do with that in paint, so i scrapped them and did a more simple layout.



i appreciate feedback as well! i would love to discuss some lotf with everyone. :D

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Hey [15 Jun 2008|08:48pm]


Hey people I'm new! I've loved Lord of the Flies since my sister told me she read it during school and I took it out of the library. Simon and Ralph are my absolute favorites!

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[["You got to go now, Ralph." "For your own good." "Keep away. As far as you can."]] [08 Jun 2008|09:51pm]

[ mood | hot ]

(This is being x-posted in my journal, as well as in 

killthebeast, so sorry if anyone gets confused ^^;;; )

Hay =] So I know I just joined this community about 5 minutes ago, but I wrote this fanfic the other day in English class while watching the movie. The 1963 version, with the boys who are actually British (if it's on youtube anywhere, could someone give me a link? I can't find it, and I didn't see the whole movie). Anyway, it's a bit focused on the twins, since I have a twin obsession...Ahem, anyway, I figured I'd share it with you. I guess you could call it an epilogue-ish kind of thing (the real ending just didn't satisfy me, sorry). And yes, my writing isn't as amazing as the actual book's...so please don't expect it to be, and just enjoy it, kay? <3

Title: Aftermath
Rating: G
Setting: Naval ship the boys get rescued on, hours after the fact.
Disclaimer: If I owned the characters or wrote the actual book, do you really think I'd have left the same ending?


Kind comments are appreciated ^^;;;
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ipod video [10 Oct 2007|06:47pm]

does anyone have the 1963 movie on the computer
so I could put it on my ipod?


if anyone did
that would be amazing
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[16 Jun 2007|08:04pm]

20 Lord Of The Flies movie icons (1963 version)
i just finished reading the book and i haven't watched any
of the movies, but if i have the chance, i'd like to watch this version
first. for what i've seen/heard, it is beautiful, at least visually.
i know, i know, less talking and more icons.


here @ my icon journal
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[27 Apr 2007|08:37pm]

Hi there, I'm new here but LOVE the Lord of the Flies! I'm currently writing an essay and was wondering if anyone could help?

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Hello [22 Apr 2007|04:05pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Hey I just wanted to say Hi, ive been watching this Journal for a long time and finally decided to join lol. 

Also i was wondering if anyone knows any amazing sites to find
-Decent Pictures
-Fan videos


For lord of the flies. Ive been to lord of the media and Fanfic.com and all but i was just seeing if anyone knew any other sites.

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meaning? [05 Feb 2007|07:55am]

ok i'm having a bit of trouble with the meaning. i think it shows men are very greedy for power, and will do anything to achieve it. Also shows that men are very competitive between themselves, and within each man, there is a "beast" which would arise in desperate situtations.

am i even right? im not really sure. please help me
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My own LotF cast! [20 Jul 2006|10:16pm]

Though this might be fun for everyone! :)

If I were to cast a new Lord of the Flies movie, I would pick these guys!Collapse )
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[ART] Jack at Fifty Percent [13 Jul 2006|04:40pm]

Tite: Jack at Fifty Percent
Rating: G
Character(s): Jack Merridew
Artist's Notes: This is actually (sadly) the best drawing I've ever done. I normaly stick to digital graphics, like blends.

Tite: Jack: The Arrival (erm... minus the choir cap)
Rating: G
Character(s): Jack Merridew
Artist's Notes: Mouse-drawn! :D

By the way, I've finally updated Lord of the Media! http://www.beautiful-illusion.net/lord/

Xposted to lotf_slash
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