tiny_disk (tiny_disk) wrote in killthebeast,

Hi there, I'm new here but LOVE the Lord of the Flies! I'm currently writing an essay and was wondering if anyone could help?

It's a postmodernist essay, and I was thinking about how it could be perceived as a warning - Postmodernism can strictly be described as a form of anarchy; rejecting any overarching orderly scheme and LotF clearly demonstrates the negatives of anarchy.

Basically, I don't really see what's so postmodern about the book - please help!!!!!
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TLOF and postmodernism? That is rather curious at least. I have never thought of such a connection, but there is virtually nothing that postmodernism couldn't use as material for philosophizing. I'll give it a thought and come back, ok?
By the way, I think psychoanalysis would certainly be fruitful with LOF
i Don't Know You.
But i'm obsessed with Lord Of The Flies.
Both the book & the film.
only the 1964 one though, the other one isn't right.
i mean, they're american in that version.
and in the book; they're british.
i've read it and seen it at least 50 times.

Adios x