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[["You got to go now, Ralph." "For your own good." "Keep away. As far as you can."]]

(This is being x-posted in my journal, as well as in 

killthebeast, so sorry if anyone gets confused ^^;;; )

Hay =] So I know I just joined this community about 5 minutes ago, but I wrote this fanfic the other day in English class while watching the movie. The 1963 version, with the boys who are actually British (if it's on youtube anywhere, could someone give me a link? I can't find it, and I didn't see the whole movie). Anyway, it's a bit focused on the twins, since I have a twin obsession...Ahem, anyway, I figured I'd share it with you. I guess you could call it an epilogue-ish kind of thing (the real ending just didn't satisfy me, sorry). And yes, my writing isn't as amazing as the actual book's...so please don't expect it to be, and just enjoy it, kay? <3

Title: Aftermath
Rating: G
Setting: Naval ship the boys get rescued on, hours after the fact.
Disclaimer: If I owned the characters or wrote the actual book, do you really think I'd have left the same ending?


The twins tightly gripped each others’ hands as they boarded the naval ship. How the hell had they all (except the three that were killed) made it out of there? One minute, they’d been in the midst of a fire, chasing down their former leader-turned-outcast, and the next…

And what would have happened if that naval officer hadn’t come along? The two, as one, shuddered. Would they have gone so far as to kill Ralph? And what then? They didn’t even want to think about the possibilities…

They looked around them on the ship. Boys were huddled together under blankets in small groups, the ones with the more severe wounds being treated immediately, since there wasn’t enough medicine to go around. The expressions of everyone was different; some were overjoyed to finally be going home, more were crying…Jack, Roger and Ralph, however, were silent. The war paint washed off, they all just looked like sad, dirty little boys who hadn’t bathed or gotten a haircut in far too long.

They remembered the war paint and the savagery, and the deeds that had been committed and those that had almost occurred. They got up and walked over to Ralph, the sole movement on the ship, and others, those that had been whispering or crying, stopped to watch them.



Ralph looked up, as he had been previously holding his head in his hands. “Oh…Samneric…Samneric…I mean, Sam ‘n Eric.”

“Ralph, we’re-”


“We didn’t-”

“-We weren’t-”

“-It’s just-”

“-We were scared!”

“It’s alright,” Ralph said, trying to force a smile but gave up when he realized he couldn’t do it, “We all…we all did terrible things on that island. Well, naturally, except for……” he let his long hair fall into his eyes and the three were silent, until Eric, the one who usually spoke less than Sam, ventured,

“Are you thinking about them?”

Ralph looked up at the two. They looked so innocent- until you looked into their eyes. Ralph wondered if he looked the same, or worse, and if the look that was inevitably lost in their eyes would ever leave…

“Yeah,” he finally answered, slowly, “I…I guess I am. It’s just…It’s just that…that they…” Ralph felt tears forming and he wiped his eyes. The twins were silent, not knowing what to say. What could they say? They clutched each others’ hands tighter and looked at each other. All the other children had no idea what they themselves looked like, but with their mirror counterpart, Sam and Eric knew. And looking at each other, looking at Ralph pull his blanket over him and wipe his eyes, looking at all the other boys who had been prisoners of wildness and savagery, at Jack clasping his hands together while looking at the floor, the fear slowly began to wash away. The island was less than a speck on the horizon; the threat was gone. As darkness came on, the twins fell asleep, leaning on one another, thinking of Simon and Piggy, praying that by the time they woke up they’d already be back in Britain, their hands still tightly clenched.

Kind comments are appreciated ^^;;;
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