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WOW. this place seems a bit dead. :( in short, i just became a lord of the flies fan this summer, and i don't know why i didn't read it earlier. saw both the movies, and while i think the first one follows the dialogue and plot best, the most recent version seems like the acting's a lot better. and despite his lack of red hair, the jack in the 90's version seems more fierce and in your face than the other one did. PLUS, LITTLE BALTHAZAR GETTY! :D *is a brothers and sisters fan*

recently i've been reading a lot of fanfiction on lotf. and i plan to write one myself. but for now i've made a fanmix. without, links, i'm sorry, my computer's a bit uncooperative. but airmp3.net has most of these songs for you to put on your ipods/mp3 players!

most of these songs are jack-centric, though some are intended to be seen in ralph's point of view. mainly about jack. and there is one song, "tainted love" which i didn't intend for slash, but now i sort of wonder if many people will take it that way.

and excuse the artwork, i did it all in paint! i had a lot more pictures on the previous copies but they weren't exactly hq and there's not a lot you can do with that in paint, so i scrapped them and did a more simple layout.



i appreciate feedback as well! i would love to discuss some lotf with everyone. :D

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October 16 2008, 22:59:55 UTC 9 years ago

I'm a Norwegian girl, and I've read lord of the flies (in norwegian). I was looking for information about the book, when I discovered this place. I think it's really cool that you're all such big fans of the book.
We had to read it at school, and I absolutely loved it!! :D
By the way, I listened to the songs, and I really liked them! Thank you!;)

PS: I'm not that good in English, so if I've spelled a lot of things wrong - sorry..
Oo, fanmix. *scurries off to check it out* And well, yeah, I think some slashy interpretations are inevitable. When I read it last year I immediately thought Jack/Ralph without even making an effort. But then, I guess I'm a bit of a slash addict. They -are- supposed to be, like, 12 years old after all. *cough* x)