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1.Adaption for the stage || 2.LotF discussion?

Any Norwegian people here? No? Didn't think so.

Anyway I just saw a theatre adaption of LotF today at the Norwegian national theatre and I thought I'd post a couple pics. :D
It was adapted by Nigel Williams, so I think it's originally British/American, has anyone seen it by any chance? If so, what'd you think?

The woman playing Ralph with the torch, Jack in the background.

Everybody singing a hymn at the start. The use of soprano singing was pretty nice. :D

Jack in front, Ralph in the back, and a hunter on the left. 

All the parts were played by women, which actually worked, they were really good. I think the adaptation could have been better though.

ALSO: would anyone be interested in discussion? Or, I dunno, roleplay or something?
I think this community is pretty dead, but I've sorta wanted to discuss the book with someone. :)

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